Some of the most compelling art in New York is displayed publicly. Residents and visitors in the area can see these installations at no charge. Here are the best public art displays in and around the city.

You can see Adrian Villar Rojas’ The Theater of Disappearance sculptures outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art at 1000 Fifth Avenue. The installation is on display until October 29, 2017. If you love figurative ensembles, this display belongs on our list. The Argentinian artist created a detailed replica of more than 100 objects from The Met collection.

Take a deep dive into the idea that the Internet changes how we perceive the natural world with artist Katja Novitskova. Her aluminum sculptures, printed with digital photographs, are of-the-moment and breathtaking. The work is both funny and dark. The Earth Potential display is at City Hall Park, Vesey Street to Chambers Street Between Park Row and Broadway until November 9, 2017.

The public art installation in Marcus Garvey Park is an amazing representation of the diversity and excitement of the New York art scene. The park is located at 120th Street and 5th Avenue. The artist Suprina uses a DNA Totem installation to represent our collective disregard for our absurd disregard for our natural habitat. The Harlem resident is a respected member of the New York Society of Women Artists. Her award-winning work has been featured in venues all over the United States.

The designer KAWS collaborated with painter Brian Donnelly to create the stunning installation at a basketball court located at Sara D. Roosevelt Park. Find it by taking Chrystie Street to Forsyth Street between Canal and East Houston Streets. New York Made: Stanton Street Courts will remain until November 16, 2017.

Check out the large abstract bronze nudes along the Broadway Malls. The artist grew up in Japan, and her love of minimalism shines through in her sculpture pieces. Joy Miller’s installation includes several figures standing, sitting, or reclining. You can see them on the Upper West Side at Broadway Malls on 72nd through 166th Streets. The installation remains until November 17, 2017.

Rose DeSiano’s Island of Empirical Data and Other Fabrications makes Randall’s Island Park a destination for art lovers. It’s an interactive piece with photographs of landmarks, sites and buildings from government records. Large reflective panels, covered with these images, superimpose archival images in a way that is thought-provoking and striking. You can see the installation through November 30, 2017.

Born in Romania, the Brooklyn artist Leonard Ursachi used his memories of a Cold-War childhood under a Communist regime to create yet another sculpture that brings to mind fortified military bunkers. Although it’s a departure from his more obvious work, this woven-basket, globe-like and egg-shaped figure echoes his distinct artistic voice. This incredible installation is on display in Tribeca Park through December 15, 2017.

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photo credit: trevor.patt IMG_5765 via photopin (license)