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August 2016

26 Aug 2016

Welcome back to New York City students! We gave you some pretty awesome guides to neighborhoods in New York City, but what about the sub-neighborhoods surrounding Manhattan’s universities? We’ll start this week with Columbia University.

Located on 116th Street and Broadway, Columbia University is a private Ivy League university on the Upper West Side.  Founded in 1754, it’s one of the nine colonial colleges founded before the Declaration of Independence. And while the Upper West Side is more known for being spacious and residential, there are some seriously awesome places to check out up there. Let’s get started!


Morningside Park: Nestled in the middle of Upper Manhattan lies this gorgeous 30 acre historic park. A great place to have a picnic with friends or catch up on some class readings. Check it out at 90 Morningside Drive, NY, NY.

Grant’s Tomb: The final resting place of Ulysses S. Grant and his wife, Julia Dent Grant. Grant’s Tomb is the most substantial monument in Riverside Park. In the warmer months, stop here for a free jazz concert. W 122nd St & Riverside Drive


Hungarian Pastry Shop: This place is SO CUTE and great for studying. Plus, they have the best coffee I’ve ever had. 1030 Amsterdam Ave

Tom’s Restaurant: Snap a selfie outside this TV-famous spot. Tom’s Restaurant is the famous diner from Seinfeld! I highly recommend the blueberry pancakes. 2880 Broadway


Community: Healthy, fresh and delicious Community is a great lunch spot! I recommend the Rice Bowl. So good. 2893 Broadway

Amir’s Grill: An awesome place for middle-eastern food. The perfect place for lunch with friends, or bring your parents when they’re visiting! 2911-A Broadway


Culture Tea Bar: Right by Columbia University’s Teacher’s college, this tea spot is awesome! They have bubble tea which is super yum. 3111 Broadway

Book Culture: This place is a great spot to buy and sell your text books. But the shop also regularly hosts reading by Columbia faculty, and is a great opportunity to meet some like-minded students! 450 Amsterdam Ave


Massawa: An awesome East African eatery that has traditional Ethiopian food. Show your parents how cultured you are by taking them here for dinner when they visit! 2895 Broadway

Kitchenette: Come here for some post-exam comfort food with friends. This southern style restaurant is cute and casual, with awesome food. 1272 Amsterdam Ave


1020 Bar: This no-frills dive is always popping off on the weekends. Be prepared to wait in line to get in! But it’s worth the wait. 1020 Amsterdam Ave.

The Hamilton: A new elegant cocktail bar just a few blocks from Columbia this is a great place to go get a drink with the girls. Plus, they have really great food! 998 Amsterdam Ave.


There are many options for late night food around Columbia, but the only one worth mentioning is Koronet. Seriously guys, the pizza here is HUGE. One slice is like 4 slices. It’s cash only so bring some dollars! 2848 Broadway

If you’re looking for an apartment near Columbia, No Fee Rentals has great apartments for students! From multi-bedroom shares, to studio apartments we have what you’re looking for, close to school!

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19 Aug 2016

Untitled designIt’s hard to feel like your new place is home. I remember the first time I walked through my apartment door and there was that awkward new-apt echo and everything smelled like paint. Transitioning from dorm life to a new apartment can be weird. You go from this tiny room, which you only have half of, and you probably don’t have much stuff! Now you’re expected to fill this new apartment with furniture and somehow make it look like your Pinterest boards… I have to be honest, I got so overwhelmed when I moved into my new place. I just filled it with stuff, because I didn’t want it to be empty! Now a year later, I’m sorting through all of the stuff wondering why I bothered in the first place. So, don’t be like me. Learn from my mistakes and follow this guide on how to make your new NYC apartment feel like home.

Stock Your Kitchen: This might seem like a no brainer, but often this gets over looked. Stock up on all of your kitchen needs like flour, sugar, eggs etc. Here is a VERY helpful list on what to get to stock your kitchen. Also check out No Fee Rental’s very useful guide to organize a small kitchen.

Make Your Living Room Cozy: Clear out all the boxes, set up the furniture, add lots of pillows, blankets and candles. If you’re finding you have too much stuff and it looks cluttered, check out No Fee Rentals guide on how to maximize space in your new apartment.

Create Your Dream Bedroom: Maybe you have a princess net over your bed, or maybe everything is white. This is your first room all to yourself! Make it as dreamy as you possibly can.

Get Your Internet Set Up: There’s nothing more comforting than connecting to your very own WiFi. Opt out of naming it after your name, check out these creative WiFi names!

Get Your Bathroom Set Up: Hang up that shower curtain, stock those shelves with towels (don’t have shelves? Add them!), get your FAV bath products and some soft toilet paper. Nothing says home more than 2-ply.

It’s going to take some time for your new apartment to feel like home, but soon enough it will! If you’re looking to upgrade from dorm life to a beautiful NYC apartment, check out No Fee Rentals! We have one bedrooms, studio’s, multi-bedroom shares, furnished, unfurnished… You name it, we’ve got it… In the best neighborhoods too!

10 Aug 2016

One of the best parts about living in New York City is that some of the best times happen outside of your apartment. The last thing anyone wants to do (myself included) is turn my stove or oven on to cook when it’s already 90 degrees in the kitchen. Unless you’re looking to really get your sweat on, you’re probably looking for some great places to get a bite to eat, or a cool spot to get your sip on.

There is certainly no shortage of restaurants and bars in NYC, but restaurants and bars that are outside? They can be tricky to find! Plus, a lot of the rooftop bars and restaurants can have crazy guest lists and people you’d rather not surround yourself with. So here are my picks for the 7 BEST places to eat and drink outdoors!


Frying Pan - New York, NY, United States. beautiful view


The Frying Pan: This Chelsea hot spot is literally on a boat. Known for being a great spot for the singles scene, The Frying Pan has become a sort of rite-of-passage for Manhattan’s post-grad habitants. Check it out at Pier 66 Maritime, W 26th


Roberta's - Brooklyn, NY, United States. Patio interior


Robertas: Well worth the trip into Brooklyn, this pizza place is spot-on when it comes to great food and a relaxed outdoor hang spot. Their funky outdoor bar and patio is right next to a garden where the restaurant grows its own herbs and vegetables! PS This is where Marnie and Charlie got back together on HBO’s hit series, Located at 261 Moore Street, Bushwick.


The Cannibal - New York, NY, United States. Outside space is beautiful, and the awning makes it perfect no matter what the weather!


The Cannibal: Part butcher shop, part bar, part beer store this meat-centric restaurant is top notch. This is a great place for a night out with friends who love meat as much as you do. Located at 113 E 29th


Jones Wood Foundry - New York, NY, United States


Jones Wood Foundry: An Upper East Side English gastropub with an outdoor space fit for a garden party. Try their cocktails paired with their amazing British food. Whether you’re a native Upper East Sider or are just visiting for a few hours, be sure to check this place out! Located at 402 E 76th


Maison Premiere - Brooklyn, NY, United States. Beautiful patio in the back


Maison Premiere: A gorgeous cocktail bar inspired by historic New Orleans… Be sure to order a dozen oysters and a Sazerac. Go during happy hour for dollar oysters! The gorgeous garden out back is perfect for a solo meal with a book, or a romantic date night. Located at 298 Bedford Ave in Williamsburg.


The Biergarten at The Standard, High Line - New York, NY, United States


The Biergarten at The Standard: Huge open-air bar beneath the High Line with communal tables (and ping pong!) This is the perfect spot to hit after perusing through the Chelsea galleries or walking along the High Line. Located at 848 Washington Street.


Walking The High Line is pretty great. Walking


The High Line: Enter between Little West 12th and West 18th Street on the High Line for an outdoor food court featuring artisan food vendors. This is a great place to go if you have people visiting, or if you’re looking to spend an afternoon eating your way through the best food NYC has to offer!

With these awesome places to go you’ll have no shortage of places to get outside in NYC! For more awesome things to do outside in NYC, check out our blog posts from a few weeks ago Summer in New York City and Getting Outside in New York City this Summer! If you’re looking to make the move to NYC, no worries we got you! We have the BEST NYC rentals in the most amazing neighborhoods. From multi-bedroom shares in Greenwich Village to a chic studio on the Upper East Side, No Fee Rentals has it all. Contact us today to find the apartment of your dreams!


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