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September 2015

30 Sep 2015
shutterstock_157134341There’s a classic ballad that goes, “Autumn in New York, why does it seem so inviting.” We can’t think of a better place to be than out and around New York City when the leaves start to change and the air turns crisp. Of course, there are the parks. For our No Fee Rental tenants in Greenwich Village, the East Village and West Village, Washington Square Park and Tompkins Square Park are at their most beautiful and just steps away. For our renters on the Upper East and West Side, Central Park’s winding paths, lakes, zoo and Sheep Meadow (and no, there are no sheep in Sheep Meadow) are glorious. You can’t rent an apartment in New York without taking a boat out on the Lake in the middle of Central Park – it’s magical! And for everyone there’s the incomparable High Line, the elevated park that runs from the Meatpacking District to West 34th Street, with its sparkling views of the Hudson River.

New York is the Center of Culture

New York City abounds with culture in the fall. It’s no surprise with so many rental apartments around Greenwich Village, one of our favorites is the Washington Square Arch Fair on Sunday October 4. Heading into Chelsea is the new Whitney Museum of American Art, which became an instant must-see for every New Yorker. Don’t forget The New York City Film Festival that runs through Oct. 11. Tickets are still available. And, there’s also tons of street festivals. Check out Time Out New York for a weekly listing.

New York City Iconic Structures

If you haven’t walked over the Brooklyn Bridge, now is the perfect time. Talk about an incredible photo op! On the other end of Manhattan, in Washington Heights, there’s one of New York City’s gems: the Cloisters. The museum, gardens, and views are a peaceful and wondrous retreat inside the world’s busiest city.

Go by Foot, Boat, or Bike

New York is a walker’s paradise so grab your sneakers and get going. You’ll be star struck by Manhattan’s beauty in fall’s golden glow. We recommend you explore the quaint streets of Greenwich Village or Chelsea’s historic district. The Union Square Farmer’s Market is a vibrant mix of the traditional and the trendy. Rest your feet and take a Circle Line cruise up the Hudson.  Or grab a Citibike and explore the city on two wheels.


Beer on the Pier in the Financial District runs until Oct. 5, and there’s still time to head over to Citi Field for Octoberfest Night with the Mets. From Oct. 2 – 11 Bavarian bier haus Zum Schneider brings Oktoberfest to the East River.

As much as you may be loving your New York City apartment rental, it’s time to expand your horizons beyond your studio, grab the roommates from your two-bedroom apartment, get everyone together from your multi bedroom share. It’s autumn in New York and there’s nothing else like it.

23 Sep 2015

Let there be light. Not so fast says Con Edison, “First, you need to set up your electric account.” You say, “Who is this Con Edison guy?” Welcome to the world of New York utilities.

And it’s not just electric that you need set up in your rental apartment. There’s also cable, and, if you have a gas stove, you may want gas too.

Here’s a few simple steps to make getting started in your New York City apartment a lot easier.

Step 1: Know your utility providers: — Con Edison for electric and gas – Time Warner Cable (TWC)  is the cable company for areas where No Fee Rentals has buildings. For Internet, TV, and phone — Verizon for cellular phone — AT&T for cellular phone

Step 2: Figure out what you really need

Even though there’s a stove in your apartment, it doesn’t mean you are going to cook. If your idea of food prep is microwaving or going online for take-out, and your apartment comes with a gas stove (versus electric) you can save money and choose not to hook up gas. There are plenty of NYU students and young professionals who go this route. Really need hot water? Use the microwave or get a Keurig.

Landline? Unless you are going to use your printer for faxing, you probably don’t need a hardwire landline. And in a multi bedroom share, everyone simply uses cellular.

Step 3: Determine whose name goes on the bill

Every tenant in a rental apartment should be on the lease, whether you are splitting a one bedroom convertible or a multi bedroom share. However, utilities take only one name. Decide before you sign-up whose name is going on which account.

Step 4: Move Quickly

There’s 1.6 million people squeezed onto this island we call Manhattan, and everyone needs their electric, gas, Internet. Our advice: as soon as you know when you will be moving in, arrange to have your utilities set-up. For electric and gas, the time to set up an account can be relatively quick and started online.

Move really really quickly for Internet if you are a NYU student or are renting an apartment around NYU – There’s a crush of students moving into Greenwich Village, the East Village and West Village, especially around Washington Square Park and Waverly Place at the end of August and in early September. If you can’t live without wi fi or cable TV, make sure you get on the TWC installation schedule ASAP.

Step 5: Be Prepared

For Con Edison, you may need to show your lease if the prior rental apartment tenant didn’t cancel service. Be prepared to fax/scan & email a copy to your lease to Con Edison to prove tenancy.

For Time Warner Cable, one of the apartment tenants needs to be around on installation day. You also need to notify your building agent about your TWC appointment in case the installer needs to access the roof or basement to finish installation. Also, ask your building’s leasing department for your building’s TWC rep contact info. The TWC rep will help expedite installation and, since you are a No Fee Rentals tenant, the will also waive the installation fee. (Use the savings to celebrate your new NYC apartment!)


16 Sep 2015
shutterstock_207954697Short-term and long-term are relative terms. When it comes to finding an apartment for rent in New York City, a short term lease is anything less than a year. Long-term is a 1-year lease, although sometimes you can lock in for 2 years.  For many people who are new to New York, and new to renting in general, the idea of committing for too little or too much time can be a major stressor.

Here’s some pro’s and con’s of short and long-term apartment renting to help you figure out what’s right for you.

  • Pre-payment – Long-term leases are paid monthly, whereas short-term leases are generally pre-paid. Coming up with this much cash up front may not be an issue if your short-term is for a few months, like one semester or a summer. We are thinking undergrads and graduate students taking a semester at NYU or doing a summer internship in NYC, or young professionals or families doing a short stint in Manhattan. On the other hand, if your short-term is closer to 9 months, like just the fall and spring terms, the pre-paid sum can add up. Your bank account may dictate whether short-term can be viable option.
  • Commitment – If the “C” word makes you shaky, then a short-term commitment may be for you. Why would you want short-term rental apartment? You may only want your rental for the school term and be commitment-free over the summer. Or you are new to NYC, and want to test out a neighborhood before committing to a long-term lease. You have another apartment or roommates lined up, but it’s still a few months out, and you need a place in the interim. There’s lots of reason why tenants may not want or need to commit to a 1-year lease.
  • Extension – Speaking of commitment, tenants usually love their rental apartments. If you are in a long-term apartment, no prob renewing and extending your lease for another year. But, if you are in a short-term rental apartment, you may not be able to extend your lease. Rental leases reflect the market and interest at the time of lease renewal.
  • The long-term edge – If two potential tenants are interested in a particular apartment for rent – let’s say there’s a fabulous one-bedroom in the East Village — and one wants a short-term lease and the other a long-term lease, who generally wins? Economics 101 says long-lease tenant.

A short-term apartment rental may be best for you, while a long-term lease could be the right choice for your next door neighbor. No Fee Rentals offers a wide range of short-term and long-term apartments for rent all across Manhattan – from Greenwich Village and the Washington Square Park area to Murray Hill to the Upper East Side. Timing is everything and we’ve got the lease and the apartments to match your time frame.

9 Sep 2015

We will be the first ones to say it: The cost of a New York City rental apartment can sometimes throw you for a loop. That’s why No Fee Rentals features a wide array of multi bedroom share rental apartments in a range of price points all across Manhattan. Multi bedroom shares are the most cost effective way to afford a rental apartment. We find this time of year, with the beginning of the school year quickly approaching, multi bedroom shares around NYU are especially attractive, particularly those in Greenwich Village, the East Village, the West Village, and premium locations near Waverly Place and Washington Square Park.

Economic and Other Advantages of Multi Bedroom Shares

  • Sharing the cost of common areas – For some people, a studio apartment suits them just fine. But others enjoy a separate bedroom, living room, and kitchen. With multi bedroom shares everyone in the apartment shares in the cost of the common spaces. When you think about dividing the cost of a rental apartment among three or four people, the price per person comes down sharply.
  • Getting more for your money – Sharing a multi bedroom apartment can sometimes mean the difference between being able to afford an apartment … period. Or being able to afford a larger apartment, a better location, or more amenities (like a doorman, air conditioning, elevator).
  • The “utility” of roommates – Every rental apartment incurs bills for utilities – electric, gas, cable. Share the cost of these expenses and your monthly outlay can go down noticeably.

Are you starting to get our drift here about the economic advantages? Well, here’s a couple more advantages:

  • Furniture, futons, and fluffy pillows – Your design style may say Restoration Hardware, but your budget says Tar-jay. Quantity and quality can increase when three or four people share in the cost to furnish an apartment.
  • Roommate flexibility – Let’s say there’s two seniors and two juniors are in a multi bedroom share and the juniors LOVE the rental apartment. Just because the seniors are graduating doesn’t mean the juniors need to give up the unit. Multi bedroom shares provide flexibility to have new tenants easily move into the apartment. In fact, No Fee Rentals has a number of multi bedroom shares that haven’t come onto the market for a few years because of the continuous cycle of tenants bringing in underclassmen roommates.

No Fee Rentals makes it painless to do a roommate replacement or swap. With more than 25 years of renting apartments throughout New York City, we understand the college and young professional market like no one else. And when it comes to multi bedroom shares (or any size apartment), we go out of our way to provide stress free renting and quality service. More can definitely be merrier!