Moving into your NYC rental apartment? These tips make it easier

You’ve signed the lease on your new Manhattan rental apartment and are excited to move-in. Whether it’s a studio in the East Village or a multi-bedroom share on the Lower East Side, these tips can help to make your move-in day, and the days right after, a lot smoother.

The 4 P’s of Moving-In

  • Prior notice – Always let your building manager’s office know in advance the date you want to move-in. The beginning of the month is always a busy time for apartment rentals, and you want to make sure that you are not stepping on other new tenants’ toes… literally!Moving in
  • Parking– Welcome to New York City, where a parking spot is as valuable as the front row at Barclays Center. The majority of rental buildings in NYC, including those owned by No Fee Rentals, don’t have parking garages, which means you will need to rely on street parking for your moving van. We recommend that you have at least two people for your move – one for the heavy lifting, the other to stay by your vehicle to avoid parking tickets. Insider tip: The best time to find street parking is Sunday morning. Move-ins are allowed after 11am on weekends, so get your spot and then get a latte, and then get ready to lift and carry. If you prefer to use a moving company, No Fee Rentals can supply you with a list of those in the area.
  • Packing material – Your packing kit should include a tool kit and scissors. Pack essentials separately so you can get to them quickly.  Emptied cardboard boxes should be flattened and recycled; everything else can go into the garbage bins. No Fee Rentals adds extra staff for garbage collection at the beginning and end of each month so hallways are kept neat. Save large items for bulk pick up days, which are posted in the lobby of each building.
  • Politeness – Regardless of whether you are moving into a short-term or long-term rental, you will be neighbors with the people in your building for months. New York City can be a very friendly place if you are mindful of your fellow tenants. Avoid move-in activity after 8pm, don’t keep the front open unattended for extended periods while bringing in boxes, and keep the hallways clear of debris.

Moving in is exciting. These tips should help to make it a lot easier so that life in NYC in your new apartment rental starts off with another “p”: painless!