Photo by California Grown

No one’s better at making furniture do double duty than apartment dwellers. Ottomans with secret storage, a chair that converts to a guest bed…yup, you’re really good at making the most of every inch and making it look good.

That’s why you need a pumpkin keg at your Halloween party!

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It’s not just festive, it’s also eco-friendly and a natural insulator so your beverage of choice will remain the proper temperature throughout the party. And, it doesn’t have to be cold beer, either. Think warm cider! Imagine being the guest who shows up with one of these!

We found a lot of how-to’s online for making pumpkin kegs but this one by California Grown is definitely the easiest and best looking. Check it out! When you make one, post a picture on our Facebook page so we can see your handiwork.