Leaving home for the first time is no easy feat. People deal with everything from homesickness and financial stress to uncertainty about how to deal with new situations. It is an exciting time but can also cause all of these common feelings. That’s why you want to put some time and thought into how you can make this change as smooth as possible. Check out these tips to help you transition into your new life while maintaining a happy and healthy relationship with your parents.

Secure a place to live

One of the biggest keys to making leaving easier on yourself is to find a place that you like living in. NY apartments are great because there is such variety – whether you are looking for apartments in Chelsea, Greenwich Village or somewhere else entirely. You’ll have a great selection and you can find a happy, cozy home you will love coming back to every day. Plus, your parents will rest easy knowing you are in comfortable digs in the city. Added bonus is if you can find a great no-fee rental and save both you and your parents a lot of cash!


Before leaving, establish a financial budget with your parents. Are you going to work and pay your own rent and living expenses? Are your parents paying rent but expecting you to cover bills and stuff like food and clothing? Having a clear understanding of what your financial obligations are can help you plan appropriately and make sure you won’t be stressed about cash.

Boundaries with parents

It’s sad to say goodbye to your family, but nobody wants Mom and Dad showing up at the door every other day. Make sure you set up boundaries with your parents so that they understand how often you would like to get together. It’s also good to agree upon advance notice of when they want to come over. This goes both ways, too – they might not want you showing up at the house every few days! It doesn’t mean they don’t love you, it’s just a sign of growing up and showing mutual respect for each other.

When to call home

Inevitably, you’ll have to deal with some bumps in the road. These problems will range from big to small, and it’s good to get into the habit of taking care of the trivial ones yourself. No need to call in help for a broken light bulb or a dead bug in the shower. However, if the issue is a big one that you’re not sure how to handle, it’s okay to call your parents for help or advice. Since they might be guarantors or co-signers on your lease, they will have your best interest and that of the property in mind.

Leaving home for the first time is a big adventure. As long as you put a little time and thought into how the move and your new life will look and feel, you should be in for a comfortable transition. And don’t forget to enjoy it! You’ll look back on these years fondly for the rest of your life. Now, get out there and find the perfect apartment! Your search begins HERE.