Pretty much all apartments in New York City for rent have one thing in common: you have lots of neighbors. In a city of over 8 million people, it’s no surprise that apartments are built to house a lot of people and that means you might be in pretty close proximity to others in your building. This has its ups and downs. It’s a great way to meet new people and make friends – and you’ll always have people to ask for help, pet-sit, water your plants or check your mail if you’re away! But what if you have to deal with the dreaded obnoxious neighbors? Here are some tips to help you navigate nasty neighbors in NYC rental apartments.

Noisy Neighbors

Sometimes people have problems with their neighbors being super noisy. This can be a nuisance for plenty of reasons. It’s annoying to hear other people’s voices all the time, but it can be especially terrible if they are loud or play music when you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep. Try to talk to them face to face at first. They might not realize they are being so loud and politely asking them to keep it down could do the trick. If that doesn’t work, file a complaint with your landlord – he or she can warn them to keep the noise levels down, at least at night. It can also help to use a fan or white noise machine to drown out some of the volume.

Sensitive Neighbors

Maybe you have the opposite problem and your neighbors complain that you are the one making too much noise. If you are, try to be considerate during hours when they might be sleeping or need their house to be quiet. If they’re just being overly sensitive, you can still try to find ways of muffling the noise in your apartment. Listening to music and television at lower volumes might be all they need. You can also get area rugs for your floors to absorb some of the noise you’re making. Check out this guide to reducing the volume coming out of your apartment.

Nosy Neighbors

Is your neighbor constantly knocking on your door or stopping you on your way in or out of the apartment to chat and ask questions? Do they snoop through your mail or invite themselves over when they’re not wanted? Some people just don’t get the hint that your home is your private getaway and you might not always want visitors around. If they’re crossing boundaries, you have a right to ask them to give you a little more space and not to come knocking on the door whenever they feel like it. They might get their feelings hurt at first but anyone should understand your wishes and respect your personal space. Check out these three tips for dealing with nosy neighbors.

Forgetful Neighbors

Another problem can be neighbors who borrow something from you and then don’t return it. This is a little awkward because you might need the item back but don’t know how to ask for it. Try to come up with a reason why you have to use the item – you are hanging a painting and need your hammer back, for example. Or just be direct and polite and remind them that you loaned them something a little while back and you were wondering if they were done using it. There’s a chance they just forgot and will return it right away!

Obnoxious neighbors certainly aren’t ideal, but don’t let them ruin your experience in your New York apartment rental! It could be adding up to great material for a sitcom, after all.

And, while we can’t help you find the perfect neighbors, we can help you find the perfect apartment. Browse our website or contact us today.

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