NYC is one of the most magical places in the world during the holidays. From the tree at Rockefeller Center to the latkes at the 2nd Avenue Deli to all of the beloved sites made famous in Home Alone 2, there is a certain spirit that takes over the city when the end of the year rolls around, and that spirit touches everyone who lives there.

If you’re new to NYC, one of the most important city customs to learn as the holidays roll around is tipping the people who work for you and around you. Tipping people in your daily life during the holidays can help them feel noticed and appreciated, and it can help solidify good relationships for you in the year to come.

Here is a helpful guide to tipping in NYC around the holidays so you can make sure you give a token to the people who matter but don’t spend any extra dollars on people who don’t need to be tipped.

Who You Should Tip During the Holidays

Door Attendant

If you live in a building with a door attendant, it’s customary to give a tip as a gift for the holidays. The amount that you give can range from $25-$125. According to a recent survey, many door attendants receive $25-$75 per apartment. Think generously when you’re tipping your door attendant, but stay within your means.


Many rental buildings have a superintendent (or super) who takes care of maintenance issues, oversees the building and so on. If you have a super in your building, consider tipping at the holidays. You can tip a super a similar amount to a door attendant — or less, depending on how involved they are. If you never see your super, consider simply tipping $20-$25 to express thanks for their work and maintain a good rapport.

Maintenance People

Sometimes, we may send a staff member or maintenance person into your place to do the manual work of making a repair. You can tip that person for their work at the end of the year. You only need to give a small token, between $20 and $50.

Dog Walker

Don’t forget to tip the person who walks your beloved furry friend while you’re at work. You can give your dog walker a small token, like $25, or up to an amount equal to a week’s worth of payments.

Who You Don’t Need to Tip During the Holidays

Your Postal Delivery Person

By law, postal delivery people cannot receive any gift greater than $20. However, if you feel like your mail carrier has done a great job and deserves a gift, consider also getting them a token that costs less than $20, like a bottle of wine or a gift card to a favorite coffee shop.

Living in the city can be delightful around the holiday season, so don’t forget to spread a little bit of your cheer in the form of a small tip. By showing how much you appreciate everything that they do, you can help ensure that the people around you also get to have a lovely NYC holiday season.