Part of what makes New York such an amazing city is the fact that you’re never too far from natural beauty. Sure, there are some neighborhoods with far more paved surfaces than green spaces, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the outdoors.

So, go out and get some fresh air!  Here are some easy tips to help you along:

Eat Outside

Outdoor space for restaurant patios are at a premium in New York, but that doesn’t mean they’re impossible to find. From Shake Shack’s bustling Madison Square Park location to Gemma at Bowery Hotel’s European-cafe vibes, there are plenty of outdoor dining spots to enjoy delicious food and relaxing sunshine. Remember that you don’t need to wait in long lines or shell out the big bucks to take advantage of this strategy. Even just grabbing something cheap like a deli sandwich and sitting on a park bench can make mealtime more relaxing and enjoyable. Every New Yorker should have some go-to spots for an impromptu picnic. Try some spots close to work and close to your apartment and find the ones that are the most interesting and relaxing for you.

Do Something Touristy

New York newcomers will soon learn that complaining about tourists is a way of life, but those tourists are onto something. As a major international city with an incredible cultural history, New York has a ton of great tourist spots, and a lot of them are outdoors. You can visit the Cloisters, row around Central Park’s Lake, ride the Circle Line or Staten Island Ferry, stroll the High Line or traverse the full length of the Brooklyn Bridge. Many New Yorkers never actually check out these attractions, and while it makes sense in a way, there’s no shame in the tourism game. You’ll see a lot of great sights and enjoy some fresh air while you’re at it.

Discover Hidden Nature

When you’re ready to go even deeper into the natural beauty the NYC area has to offer, there’s a surprisingly great amount of outdoor immersion available without much travel involved at all. While some of these attractions are on the outskirts of Queens and other boroughs, Central Park offers amazing natural diversity. Still, for true lovers of unspoiled wild places, this isn’t going to cut it, and a trip to one of the city’s remarkable nature parks may be in order. Options include the 507-acre Forest Park in Queens, Owl’s Head Park in Brooklyn and Governor’s Island, a once-restricted island in New York Harbor. You can reach Governor’s Island by ferry and enjoy miles of walking trails, lush green lawns and some beautiful public art along with incredible views of the city from the water.

The best thing about most of these ideas is that they’re suitable all year round. While you probably don’t want to sit outside and eat when it’s snowing, checking out some parks or even trying to ride a ferry in wintry weather can give the city a whole new sense of beauty.