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New York City apartments are small. Even the most luxurious apartments in New York City aren’t accommodating for multiple roommates. Maybe your apartment has one closet, or maybe your bathroom is the same size as that one closet. The good news is that there are TONS of space-saving tricks to help maximize your tiny New York City apartment.

Get Rid of Junk!

This is seriously the best place to start. Begin by tossing (or donating) all the junk you’ll never use (baby blue cowboy hat we’re looking at you). Then, take all of your seasonal or rarely used items and pack them away in cute storage bins!


Use your walls for more than just tapestries and cute prints! Sleek shelving that extends up to the ceiling adds awesome storage space for your books, lamps and also a great place to add some decorative pieces like a terrarium!

Raise your bed.

There are lots of products that can raise your bed up for extra under-bed storage.

Organize EVERYTHING and label.

One of the biggest challenges for me, is keeping my personal belongings organized. Check this how-to guide out that helped me tremendously.

Keep your bathroom organized.

Living with multiple roommates, or a significant other in a small apartment creates a WAR over the medicine cabinet. If you’re like most people you have enough products of your own to fill it up, but there’s at least one other person you have to share with! Check out these ideas for organizing a small bathroom. I’m currently working on mine and will share before/after pics later!

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