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18 Oct 2017

New York City is many things to many people. For some, it’s an opportunity to receive a world-class education while others see it as a step towards their dream career. Whatever your reason for wanting to live in this amazing city, there’s one thing on which everyone can agree — NYC has one of the most diverse food selections on the planet. Food from nearly every corner of the globe is available in abundance, satisfying every taste and budget.


If you’re a student or just starting a new career, you may need to cut back on your food expenses every now and then. Fortunately, NYC has many tasty and budget-friendly options. One of the city’s most popular and shockingly cheap eats is dollar pizza. You can get a huge slice of pie (as the locals say) for only $1. Midtown and Lower Manhattan have the highest and best-rated concentration of these locales so you’re sure to run into at least one no matter where you go.

Another affordable food option is the local bagel shop. Ideal as a companion for your Sunday morning coffee or a quick take-out option, a New York bagel will never disappoint. Even vegan and gluten-free food lovers can enjoy them. Food trucks have also become an increasingly common sight throughout the city and are much beloved by the lunchtime crowd, especially in Midtown, Flatiron and the Financial District.


If you’ve got some wiggle room in your budget, you’ll find that spending a bit more gives you access to a lot of the city’s best food. There’s so much food diversity in NYC that you can try something new every day of the week — in some cases, without even leaving your own neighborhood. If you’re in the mood for takeout (or sit down), you can sample all the flavors of the Orient, including Indian, Thai, Korean, Chinese and Japanese, every few blocks in Manhattan.

Queens also boasts an impressive selection of Asian eateries, which are frequented by locals, as well as celebrities and even former Presidents, so you know that they’re the real deal. Want to try Ethiopian, Moroccan or Lebanese for the first time? You can find all three in lower Manhattan. Of course, NYC staples like Italian and Americana are abundant throughout the city and if you’re in the mood for soul food, a trip to vibrant Harlem is an absolute must. Best of all, even if it’s a rainy day and you’re stuck in the office, you can still treat yourself to a culinary feast at the click of a button thanks to food apps that deliver around the city.


Birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions are the perfect time to go all out and treat yourself to some of NYC’s finest dining. Ranked among the top five cities in the worldwith Michelin star restaurants, the city that never sleeps is home to 99 of them! In fact, six of these restaurants are ranked three-star, the highest honor possible, which denotes exceptional cuisine, service and an overall unforgettable experience. One three-star Michelin restaurant in NYC serves French and Japanese fusion in a 20-course tasting menu. French, Japanese and Asian fusion cuisine dominate NYC’s top-ranked restaurants. However, if your tastes are more sophisticated but your budget can’t quite keep up, you can also try one of the city’s newest additions, Tim Ho Wan, a dim sum shop affectionately dubbed the “world’s cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant.”

NYC attracts a diverse range of people, and thanks to this diversity the city hosts an amazing range of food options, enough to make your taste buds sing, one bite at a time. To find a great apartment that will put you in the heart of NYC’s food scene, please visit us at NoFee Rentals. We’re happy to assist you with your apartment search.

24 May 2017
7 NYC Cheap Eats Every Millennial Needs to Know About

Savvy millennials flock to New York City for its limitless attractions and opportunities, but the cost of living in the Big Apple isn’t for the faint of heart. And with the micro-kitchens that are typical of New York apartments, eating out is far more attractive than dining in. Fortunately, there are plenty of places around town to get a great meal at a reasonable price.

Mamoun’s Falafel in Greenwich Village

Where else but NYC could you find world-class falafel at 5 a.m. on a Sunday morning? Mamoun’s Falafel gets rave reviews among hungry, young locals looking for a quick bite. Here, you can grab a vegetarian pita bread sandwich for just $3.50. A plate features double the amount, served on top of a tasty salad with pita bread on the side — all for just $6.00! Mamoun’s also serves omnivore options, tempting sides and scrumptious pastries that are sure to satisfy your craving for Middle Eastern cuisine. You’ll find Mamoun’s in Greenwich Village at 119 MacDougal Street.

Whitmans in the East Village

Few meals satisfy quite like a tasty burger, and Whitmans has some of the best in town. Its most coveted menu item is the Juicy Lucy — a beef short rib blend that’s stuffed to the gills with pimento cheese and topped off by caramelized onions and spicy pickles. Whitmans also offers a blue cheese version of the Juicy Lucy — the Bluicy. For diners who are feeling particularly virtuous, Whitmans’ kale salad offers a satisfying crunch. The menu also offers sautéed kale and crack kale, which is as addictive as it sounds. Excluding the salads, the cheapest item on the menu at Whitmans is the BLT. For just $7, you’ll get Applewood smoked bacon and special sauce on Blue Ribbon Pullman bread. You can find the East Village location of Whitmans at 406 E 9th Street.

Potjanee in the West Village

You’ll find this delightful Thai eatery at 48 Carmine Street. Millennials love this eatery for its atmosphere, quick service and great food at even better prices. Potjanee is the place to go for pick-up, dine-in or delivery Thai food. Some of their menu items are on the pricier side, like the Salmon Roma and Kang Sapparod Duck, but there are definitely plenty of affordable dishes, too. Choose from six different spicy curries, four fried rice dishes (including pineapple fried rice) and more noodle dishes than you can shake a stick at.

Naruto Ramen in the Upper East Side

If you’re looking for a quick bite on a short lunch break, head for Naruto Ramen in the Upper East Side. It’s at 1596 3rd Avenue. You won’t find college students’ ramen noodles here — it’s all authentic Japanese comfort food. Pull up a seat at the bar (there are no tables) and treat yourself to rich, full-flavored broth, perfectly cooked noodles and crunchy edamame.

Broadway Bagel in the Upper West Side

Broadway Bagel is the go-to spot for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Upper West Side. It’s at 2658 Broadway, and it’s famous for — you guessed it — bagels. But these aren’t just any bagels. They’re hand-rolled, satisfyingly crunchy and pair perfectly with eggs on the side. Broadway Bagel also serves omelet platters, burgers, wraps and salads at reasonable prices.

Los Tacos No. 1 in Chelsea

If you’re new to Chelsea, the Chelsea Market should be at the top of your must-see list. At 75th 9th Avenue, Chelsea Market houses some pretty unique eateries, including Los Tacos No. 1. It’s a food truck-style eatery (no seating) with very affordable tacos, tostadas and quesadillas.

Previti Pizza in Murray Hill

No rundown of NYC eateries would be complete without a pizza spot. Previti Pizza at 123 East 41st Street is a counter service pizzeria that proudly features focaccia and thin crust slices. The artichoke and spinach pizza is a house specialty, and the sandwiches on homemade bread are just as affordable as a couple of slices.

Regardless of which NYC rental you choose, you’re sure to find exceptional cuisine at affordable prices. Check out NoFee Rentals to start your stress-free search for New York apartments.

23 Feb 2016

So you’re moving, or have just moved to Manhattan. Congratulations! You’ve officially started what may arguably be the best years of your life. Choosing the right apartment is the first step to having a KILLER NYC experience. While you’ll probably end up choosing the most cost-effective apartment (aka you won’t have to have 7 jobs just to afford rent), it is super important to consider your neighborhood. We’re creating a neighborhood-by-neighborhood guide straight from insiders for you to have the BEST Manhattan experience, in any neighborhood.

Our first stop takes us to the East Village. Also known as Alphabet City, this neighborhood’s notorious reputation of counterculture has helped it grow into a beautiful artistic, multicultural place to live. Historically the East Village was known for cheap housing, and in the 70’s living there served as a sort of rite of passage for people of a certain age.

And so now that you’re caught up with the history of your new neighborhood, let’s get to the good stuff.


Ninth Street EspressoNinth Street Espresso

Located at 700 E 9th St, this is the perfect neighborhood spot that never disappoints. But remember to bring some dollars as it is cash only.





Cafe OrlinCafé Orlin

Known for their awesome breakfasts, Café Orlin is a great neighborhood spot for your breakfast. Located at 41 Saint Marks Place, be sure to try the pumpkin pancakes.





Luke's LobsterLuke’s Lobster

Perfect place for a quick lunch, Luke’s Lobster buys traceable, sustainable seafood from fisheries along the gulf of Maine, bringing the best quality seafood to the East Village. Located at 93 E. 7th Street





botanical6 BC Botanical Garden

Looking for a place to get a little fresh(er) air? 6BC Botanical Garden is a great place to take a breather in between classes or on your lunch break at work. Located at 622 6th Street.





Drop Off Service

$3 20 oz pints until 8pm; offering craft beer, cask ales, house cocktails and fine wines since 2005. Located at 211 Avenue A.





The intimate neighborhood restaurant offers an awesome farm-to-table dinner experience that you and your friends can enjoy. Located at 25 Cooper Square.



Alphabet LoungeAlphabet Lounge

The perfect place to meet up with friends and get your dance on, Alphabet Lounge aka ABC Lounge is the most fun you can have on a Saturday night! Playing all your favorite hits from the 80’s, 90’s and today, this bar is located at 104 Ave C.




Looking for an apartment in the East Village? We’ve got you covered. From multi-bedroom shares, to furnished apartments, No Fee Rentals has it all. To check out some of our awesome apartments in the East Village, click here:


Hope to see you around the city! 10432944_550180498447716_6005268813891612612_n