Entertaining in Small Spaces (and on a budget)

Living in New York has tons of perks. It’s easy to go out with friends and have the time of your life every night — but what if you want to have people over at your home? Entertaining in a small apartment may seem like a challenge, but it’s actually possible to have a great time in your small space — without having to put a ton of effort (or cash) into doing it.

Here are some great tips for entertaining in small spaces (and on a budget), so you can welcome friends and loved ones into your space — and have a party that’s comfortable, festive and fun!

Be Inventive With Seating

Only have a couch and two dining chairs? Fear not. You can still have a party where everyone can sit comfortably. Get creative with seating options — use a stool, ottoman or even small end tables for people to sit on and converse. You can add throw pillows onto them to make them even more comfortable.

Do it Potluck Style

If you want to host a dinner party for friends, your tiny apartment kitchen might be too small to cook a full meal that will feed everyone. Instead, do it potluck style. Assign everyone a dish or course to bring, and then everyone gets to taste what everyone else made. This is a great way to save money on a dinner party — and ensure you don’t have too many dishes to wash at the end!

Don’t Forget Temperature Control

Packing people into a small space means there’s a lot of body heat in one place, and a small apartment can get really hot during a party. Before the party starts, open all of the windows you can, and turn on your air conditioning window units and fans. This will ensure the apartment is comfortable while everyone socializes.

Move the Couch

Do you have a couch that sections off your living room from the rest of the apartment, or chairs that are in the middle of your living for lounging? If so, push it (and any other furniture floating in the middle of the room) against the walls. This gives people more room to move about and mingle. This is especially important if you’re planning to host a dance party in your space!

Designate a Spot for Peoples’ Belongings

Don’t have people’s coats, hats, purses, shoes and other items taking up precious socializing space. Instead, designate a place where people can stash their stuff while they’re at your home. Try picking somewhere like your bed or a linen closet where they are out of the way. That way, you can have more space to sit and move about — and everyone will remember where their stuff is when it’s time to leave (and after they’ve had a glass of wine or two).

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