Small NYC Apartment Hacks

Living in NYC is a dream come true for so many reasons, but it’s important to face up to the realities of city living so you can make the most of it. NYC apartments tend to be pretty darn tiny, even if you’re willing to shell out big bucks for one you love. But as long as you know what you’re getting into, you can start planning to make your first apartment in New York as cozy and well-designed as possible, even with limitations on space. Here are some great hacks for turning your tiny apartment into a comfortable and handsome place to live.

Maximize Entryway Space

Now that you’re getting settled in your small place, you’ll soon realize that you have to take advantage of every nook and cranny the apartment has to offer. You’re paying for each and every square foot, after all. Your entryway or hallway is a great place to start. It’s probably very small, but you can consider adding a thin bench or side table to create more storage options. Using the walls is also a wise idea; hang a couple of hooks for coats, scarves and your keys or a wall shelf for mail and other items you can drop off on your way into the apartment.

Hanging Storage in the Kitchen

Your kitchen is one of the first places that can easily get cluttered and overwhelming. You don’t want your stuff to hog all the shelving and counter space, so think about installing a hanging pot rack from the ceiling. That way, you can get your bulky pots and pans out of the cabinets and put them on display.

Start Stacking

Many people only take advantage of the bottom of a shelf or closet for storage. You can maximize on space by stacking shelves within cabinets and closets to make use of the vertical space as well as the bottom area. You can find small stackable storage trays or buckets at hardware stores or specialty stores like the Container Store.

Use a Shoe Rack for Cleaning Supplies

Your cleaning supplies can take up heaps of room in your kitchen or bathroom. Instead of piling them all up under a sink, use an over-the-door shoe racks with individual pouches, and hang it on the inside of your bedroom or utility closet. You can fill each pouch with a bottle or a pack of sponges and save the floor or under-sink space for other stuff.

Furniture Arrangement

One important part of making an apartment look bigger is to divide it into separate spaces. If you live in a studio apartment, you can use a tall bookshelf or sofa to partition the bedroom from the living room. Ikea has great tall, square bookcases where you can leave certain squares open to allow more light into a space, like this picture. It’s also very helpful to use dual-purpose furniture, such as sofas or chairs that have storage space under the seats.

Makeshift Closet Space

It sounds crazy, but a lot of NYC apartments come with super-limited closet space or don’t even have a closet at all. If this describes your place, fear not. You can purchase armoires and buildable closets from Target or Ikea, or you can make your own with a clothing rack and a set of curtains. A folding screen is also a great way to conceal a clothing rack and give yourself a little extra storage space for your wardrobe.


Ask any interior designer. Mirrors are the magic when it comes to making small spaces seem larger because they appear to be a continuation of the room–total  visual manipulation. Rule of thumb: the larger the better but, in a small apartment, don’t go crazy. Positioning them is also key when it comes to making rooms look larger. Placed by a window, the eye is tricked into thinking that it’s another window rather than a mirror. Both space and light are amplified. Large floor mirrors placed by accent furniture also add a decorative touch to the room.

Many NoFee Rentals units have built-in loft beds, the quintessential space saver. Don’t let a small apartment infringe on your life. These apartment hacks can help you overcome the tiny-space blues and make you feel like you’re living in luxury in NYC. When you’re ready to find your perfect space, CLICK HERE