For some, a few years in New York City is a required rung on the ladder of success. But can it also provide a safe, secure, exciting and affordable life for Millennials just starting out? You’ve probably heard the Big Apple is overcrowded and astonishingly expensive, but don’t give up yet: With focus and determination, you’ll find a suitable habitat in one of these five neighborhoods that welcome young residents into the world’s most exciting metropolis.


Just a block from the Empire State Building is Chelsea, the neighborhood that once inspired the Joni Mitchell tune “Chelsea Morning.” Known for its vibrant arts scene, the residents often pool resources to rent apartments in 24-hour doorman, well-kept brick high-rises on busy streets that define hustle and bustle. Millennials can work at or just enjoy retail shops and restaurants, have a few laughs at the Gotham Comedy Club, see “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and pick up groceries at picturesque vegetable stands and health food shops. Like most New York neighborhoods, public transportation is available in all its forms — choose between the subway, bus or taxi.

Upper West Side

Get a bit of breathing room on the Upper West Side, a beautiful section flanked by the Hudson River and Central Park. With the Metropolitan Museum of Art nearby, world treasures lie in your everyday path. There is no shortage of international cuisine, trendy boutiques, major retailers and stellar educational institutions like Columbia University and Barnard College. You might brush elbows with a celebrity, fashion designer or sports star — the UWS is home to plenty of them. Millennials and people of all ages and incomes live in high-rise apartment complexes and townhouses. Sharing space is a probable must if your income is limited.

East Village

If edgy performance art and late-night music shows are your thing, base yourself in the East Village, the legendary bohemian mecca where Andy Warhol, John Lennon, and many other artists, musicians and writers have lived and worked. With innovative institutions like New York University nearby, you’ll be sharing sidewalk space with some of America’s most interesting and intelligent people. Eco-shops, vegetarian restaurants and healthy grocery stores mean good living for socially conscious Millennials. With a long history of sheltering young idealists, this neighborhood likely has an apartment you can afford.

Murray Hill

A favorite enclave for many (such as graduate students and young families), the eight-block square known as Murray Hill is located on midtown Manhattan’s east side. Although the nearby Queens Midtown tunnel generates ample traffic in this neighborhood, the large parks and easy public transportation make life without a car effortless. If you do have a car, you’re in easy reach of major highways. Well-surveilledĀ and well-maintained apartments are found in brownstones and multi-story complexes. With coffee shops, bookstores and the United Nations so close by, this family-friendly intellectual community is a good bet for Millennials looking for stable and safeguardedĀ surroundings.

Long Island City

Located across the East River in the borough of Queens, this well-watched, well-lit neighborhood is known for spacious luxury condos and loft-style apartments. Public transport is plentiful and rents are slightly lower here than in Manhattan proper, but you still might need to team up with friends if you’re on a minimal budget. Life in Long Island City means living adjacent to vast art annexes, chic galleries, fresh-air markets and cooperative spaces of all kinds. The innovation doesn’t mean sacrificing ordinary resources, however. Drug stores, convenience stores, movie theaters and public libraries thrive in this waterfront district.

No matter where you drop your moving boxes, New York City offers abundant opportunity for excitement, adventure and employment in multiple industries. Once you’ve unpacked your belongings, learned to navigate the subway and picked a favorite sports team, you’ll be enjoying your own tiny slice of the Big Apple along with the natives.

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