Sure, everybody wants to go see the Empire State building, the Statue of Liberty and Times Square. But you’re a New Yorker now! As a New Yorker, you know that those places don’t represent the city you call home. No, you need to take your family places to show how cultured you’ve become. Museums, art galleries, cute boutiques and awesome restaurants.

But what if your family wants to come upstairs to see your place? You haven’t done dishes in, who knows how long. Your bed is unmade, and you don’t even own a broom.

From start to finish of your family visiting, WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED!

  1. Call a cleaning service: I know… You’re thinking it’s going to be a million dollars. But actually Handy is really affordable and it’s a special occasion. Your family is coming to town. Don’t fight with your parents over your unfolded clothes, impress them with a clean apartment!
  2. Make a dinner reservation: It’s so simple yet so appreciated. Especially if you’re looking to go to a more upscale restaurant, nobody wants to have to wait around for a table! For a crowd pleaser, try Upland. The space is beautiful and the food is awesome.
  3. Take them to Chinatown to get some I <3 NYC tee shirts: Simple, affordable and SO NYC, Chinatown is a great place to take the fam. Get some tee shirts and just noodle around for a bit, and then finish off the afternoon at Rice to Riches. Seriously awesome rice pudding place that is so modern. Your family will be so amazed; you are so cool to go there.
  4. Go to a gallery and then have a nice lunch: Head to The Pace Gallery in Chelsea to view shows of some of the 20th centuries most significant artists. *Not Open Sundays* After perusing the gallery take them to lunch at Toro, a super chic tapas bar with a great wine menu too.
  5. Get some New York City pizza: Seriously, they don’t have good pizza in a lot of places around the world. New York City is one of the places you just HAVE to eat pizza. (Sorry diet). There are many places who are rumored to be the best pizza in NYC, but my pick is and will forever be John’s of Bleeker Street.
  6. Take them to Central Park: This is a very important step in showing how much of a New Yorker you are. Map out your trip if you don’t know your way around too well, maybe go with friends first to find the exact route you’d like to take. My recommendations are to take them to the pond and Gapstow Bridge, stroll under the leafy canopy of The Mall and, of course, the Bethesda Terrace & Fountain.
  7. Walk the High Line: Weather permitting, walking the High Line is a great way to so see Meatpacking from above. You can stop in at the Standard Biergarten for a beer or two afterwards!

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Until Next Time!