It’s true, New York City is the greatest city in the world. But it’s size and complexity can make it very intimidating. Just remember, the city is your playground! Don’t keep going to the same places over and over, try new things every day! These apps will make your life easier in every way.

  1. ASAP54: This app is awesome. Let’s say you’re in the subway and you see someone wearing the coolest shirt you’ve ever seen. Snap a pic and submit in this app and it will tell you where to get it! (because who wants to talk to a stranger, am I right)
  2. DIGIT: I seriously cannot say enough how much this app has changed my life. It’s like a secret little tool that you sync with your bank accounts to help you save money. It takes out $3 here, $5 there, and bam at the end of the month you’ve saved like $150 without even trying! And the best part is that you don’t even notice it’s gone from your account. You can transfer the funds into your actual savings account, or treat yourself to an awesome spa day, or buy those shoes you’ve been eyeing.
  3. Sit or Squat: How many times have you sprinted up your stairs to your apartment to go to the bathroom?! Or had that awkward talk with the hostess at a 5 star restaurant… Too many times for me. But this app helps you avoid that! This is an interactive map of public restrooms near wherever you happen to be. Also, it allows users to rate the toilets as “sit” or “squat” so never go in blind again to those disgusting gas station bathrooms.
  4. Bumble: Maybe you’re single, or maybe you’ve got a significant other, bumble caters to both! For dating, this app allows the female to message first (yay ladies). For those who aren’t looking for a first date, they have Bumble BFF which can help you make more friends!
  5. Venmo: Another life-changing app to help you avoid awkward conversation. This app allows you to transfer money to people, so rather than putting 13 cards down at brunch you can just simply send your friends money! Also is great for roommate situations because rather than asking for $10 for the toilet paper, you can simply charge them. So convenient.
  6. Minibar: NO FEE BOOZE DELIVERY SERVICE. That’s all we need to say about that.
  7. Exit Strategy: This app helps you maneuver the subway system of NYC. It shows you the best place to stand in a station and which exit to take to make your trip as quick as possible. Great for when you’re trying to get to that interview on time, or an important meeting.
  8. Seamless: I live on seamless. Order food right from your phone, you can search menu items and you don’t have to call. It’s amazing. Download it.

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Until Next Time!