Untitled designIt’s hard to feel like your new place is home. I remember the first time I walked through my apartment door and there was that awkward new-apt echo and everything smelled like paint. Transitioning from dorm life to a new apartment can be weird. You go from this tiny room, which you only have half of, and you probably don’t have much stuff! Now you’re expected to fill this new apartment with furniture and somehow make it look like your Pinterest boards… I have to be honest, I got so overwhelmed when I moved into my new place. I just filled it with stuff, because I didn’t want it to be empty! Now a year later, I’m sorting through all of the stuff wondering why I bothered in the first place. So, don’t be like me. Learn from my mistakes and follow this guide on how to make your new NYC apartment feel like home.

Stock Your Kitchen: This might seem like a no brainer, but often this gets over looked. Stock up on all of your kitchen needs like flour, sugar, eggs etc. Here is a VERY helpful list on what to get to stock your kitchen. Also check out No Fee Rental’s very useful guide to organize a small kitchen.

Make Your Living Room Cozy: Clear out all the boxes, set up the furniture, add lots of pillows, blankets and candles. If you’re finding you have too much stuff and it looks cluttered, check out No Fee Rentals guide on how to maximize space in your new apartment.

Create Your Dream Bedroom: Maybe you have a princess net over your bed, or maybe everything is white. This is your first room all to yourself! Make it as dreamy as you possibly can.

Get Your Internet Set Up: There’s nothing more comforting than connecting to your very own WiFi. Opt out of naming it after your name, check out these creative WiFi names!

Get Your Bathroom Set Up: Hang up that shower curtain, stock those shelves with towels (don’t have shelves? Add them!), get your FAV bath products and some soft toilet paper. Nothing says home more than 2-ply.

It’s going to take some time for your new apartment to feel like home, but soon enough it will! If you’re looking to upgrade from dorm life to a beautiful NYC apartment, check out No Fee Rentals! We have one bedrooms, studio’s, multi-bedroom shares, furnished, unfurnished… You name it, we’ve got it… In the best neighborhoods too!