Welcome to Summer. Maybe you’re one of the lucky people that get to live in an NYC apartment with central air, but for the rest of us keeping cool in our apartments can be a struggle. From getting out during the day to hacks to keep you cool while you’re in-domicile, here are 6 ways to beat the heat this summer.

  1. Hit the Library: The library is air-conditioned, plus you can get your read-on. Explore the rows of old novels, or just sit back with an iced-coffee and people watch! Insiders tip: they don’t allow big bags. (learned that one the hard way!)
  2. Cross Ventilation: When you open your windows, try to open windows at opposite ends of your apartment. Place fans to have one blowing in, and the other blowing out. This will help keep the air circulated, which can help to lower temps.
  3. Go See a Movie: Check out the Alamo Draft House for an awesome movie-viewing experience. With comfy couches and in-theater service you may never want to leave.
  4. Turn Your Fan into an Air Cooler: Using a twist tie, attach ice pops (long colorful tubes of sugar water) to your fan. This will give you a cold airstream blowing over you. Plus it’s a delish summer snack.
  5. Get Poolside: With free options, this could be your new summer hang. Check out this list of the best pools in NYC!
  6. Freeze Your Sheets: A few minutes before bed stick your sheets in the freezer. Put them in a plastic bag so they don’t smell like the freezer. This won’t keep you cool all night, but it will give you some fast relief!

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