Skip using the oven as a storage space! These 5 Organizational Hacks for a small kitchen are serious life savers. We all know that space is a continual issue in New York City apartments, ESPECIALLY when it comes to kitchens. There is nothing less inspiring than a kitchen that is so small it’s hardly functional. But with many studio apartments in NYC offering half kitchens, and one or two bedroom apartments offering a full kitchen (that is seriously tiny), how can you create the best space for you to unleash your inner Bobby Flay?

  1. Skip the Knife Block: You probably don’t have a ton of counter space OR drawer space. Get yourself a magnetic knife strip like this one from the Container Store and hang those knives on your wall! This is a cheap, chic and easy space saver.
  2. Add Shelves Everywhere: There’s probably a lot of unused wall space in your kitchen, add shelves to store spices and seasoning… Or take out menus.
  3. Wall Racks Are Your Friend: Making a wall rack for your platters and cutting boards creates extra storage and it’s also pretty to look at. Check out this awesome wall rack from IKEA.
  4. Utilize Your Cabinet Doors: Hang your most used cooking utensils on the back of a cabinet instead of shoving them into drawers.
  5. Work that Under Sink Space: Hooks and baskets are cheap, simple ways to store your sponges and other cleaning supplies without looking cluttered… Making more room for snacks! This is a cheap and chic solution.

Your kitchen can be your worst enemy, but if organized correctly can be your best friend. Create that zen kitchen space you see on HGTV for yourself! If you’re looking for a new apartment in NYC check out! We even have apartments with LARGE kitchens! (Shocking, we know).

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