No Fee Blog 2

Moving to a new city can be tough. Sure, you’ve found your perfect apartment and you’re moved in, but what about food? Which grocery stores are the best bang for your buck? (because trust me if you’re not careful you’ll end up paying $6 for one avocado) Finding your new favorite places takes time, and in a big city like New York, it can be a little overwhelming where to start. Luckily for you, New York is also full of some really great resources that can help you to find your way. Here are the 5 best websites I used when I moved to New York City to find my favorite places.

  1. Time Out New York: From best happy hours, to awesome things to do on the weekend, Time Out New York has the beat on everything amazing about this city you now call home!
  2. Gothamist: Gothamist has some great lists, but they also have the inside scoop on breaking news in our city. It’s great to stay on top of all things NYC, that way you’ll be up-to-date in conversations as well!
  3. Postmates NYC: For everything that is delivery! This service brings you food, groceries, juices and coffee! The perfect solution for when you just can’t make up your mind!
  4. A true NYC staple, with just a click of a button or a touch of your finger, you can have food from all over the city delivered right to your front door. Seamless changed the world of delivery, and with the reviews loaded within the app, you can see everything from bad experiences to the most ordered items at every restaurant featured.
  5. Thrillest: A bit of a hybrid site, this online-magazine is a great guide to what’s hot in New York City. With lists like “Every Free Outdoor Concert in NYC this Summer” with this app/website in your pocket you’ll be in-the-know in no time at all.

Now that you’re up to speed on the best resources to check out, isn’t it time you found that dream apartment?! No Fee Rentals has long term, short term, furnished, unfurnished and luxury apartments available NOW! Some buildings feature gyms, outdoor spaces, rooftop decks and they’re all in prime locations in the best neighborhoods.