How many years have you sat in front of the television on New Year’s Eve watching the ball in Times Square tick down to midnight? Well now that you are an official New Yorker, with your own rental apartment, you are actually here for the festivities!

As with every city or destination location, there’s premium pricing for New Year’s celebrating, but some experiences, as they say, are priceless. Here’s our list of places to ring in 2016, from Times Square to Washington Square, from free to a small fortune.

Our top venues in New York City for New Year’s Eve

  • Times Square – Times Square is every bit the spectacular that you see on TV. Tons of people and music and excitement. It truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. BUT, it’s not for the faint of heart. Security is tight and so are the crowds. If you plan to watch the ball drop in person, arrive early, really early! Backpacks, open alcohol, there’s lots of no-no’s, but the one thing there is unlimited permission to do is have a fun and memorable evening.
  • Clubs – The club scene is wild for New Years, with each club trying to be more exciting, exclusive, …and yes, expensive. Clubs will charge top, top dollar for the cover charge and drinks, but they also go all out on keeping the entertainment quotient in the stratosphere.
  • Restaurants – The great thing about New York City is that there is a restaurant for every budget. Many places have New Year’s Eve packages that include drinks, food, and entertainment. So whether you want an intimate evening for two or room for a crowd, your options are plentiful.
  • Apartments – New Yorkers know how to throw a party. You don’t need a 3-bedroom penthouse to have a good time in your rental apartment on New Year’s. What you do need is creativity, good food, good drink, and people you enjoy being with. How much you spend is up to you (personally, we are really fond of pot luck mixed with lots of sparkle — who wants to be in the kitchen and missing the revelry!).  As building managers we ask that if do celebrate at home – whether it is in a one-bedroom unit or a multi-bedroom share – to be mindful of your neighbors with noise levels, partying into the wee hours, and guests who may have over indulged.

So ring out the old, and ring in the new in NYC style.  Wishing you a very happy new year and all good things in 2016!