When it’s time to find a rental apartment in Manhattan, there’s a lot of factors to consider. Here’s what should be on your list to help narrow your great rental apartment search.

  • Budget – Before you do anything else, first figure out how much you, or you and your roommates, can comfortably afford. Also factor in whether utilities such as gas, electricity, and water are included in your rent or are extra.
  • Location (or as it’s otherwise referred to: location, location, location). You know what you need to be near – college, job, subway, train. And once you know how much you can afford on rent, it helps narrow down the locations.
  • Noise – Streets are quieter than main avenues, which have buses and trucks trundling by. Also consider what’s in your neighborhood – late night bars or clubs may be cool when you’re hanging out at them, but can also interfere when you want to get some sleep.
  • Size – If you are living alone, a studio or one-bedroom may be your options. Two people can live in a two bedroom or a one bedroom apartment – sharing the bedroom or converting the living room into a bedroom. In the latter case, look for listings with a convertible one or a wing two bedroom. Multi bedroom shares can accommodate 3 to 5 renters depending on the size of each bedroom.
  • Laundry – Classic brownstones and walk-up buildings usually don’t have on-site laundry facilities. If you are a college student, this is less of an issue than for families with babies or young children.
  • Air Conditioning – If you are going to be in New York City for the summer, you may want to check whether your apartment has A/C. This is especially true in older buildings. We also know that many of our tenants are very comfortable with just fans if they are out most of the day.

Come Prepared

Attractive rental apartments go quickly so if you see one you like, you need to be prepared to act. And if you are coming from out of state, it’s super important to have these documents on hand so that you don’t lose any time! Here’s what you need to seal the deal:

  • Proof of employment/enrollment – The rental office will request a copy of your enrollment certification letter from your school if you are a college student, or an employment verification letter if you are employed.
  • Tax return – If you are employed, our office will need to see a copy of your tax return. We also require a guarantor for every applicant (see August 17, 2105 blog posting) so make sure to also have a copy of your guarantor’s tax return.
  • Sample lease – You can request a sample lease in advance of viewing rental apartments so you know what will be required. Tenants often find it helpful to review the lease in advance.

Our last word of advice is to be prepared to compromise. Not every apartment is going to have absolutely everything you want, regardless of how much you are willing to spend. No Fee Rentals offers a wide range of rental apartments so that you can weigh factors and find the apartment that you can call home.