This Sunday, more than 50,000 runners from all across the world will line up for the New York City Marathon.  Now add to that all the cheering fans and spectators and you have one gi-normous event that covers 26.2 miles and all five boroughs of New York City — Staten Island up through Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, across to Harlem in Manhattan, and ending in Central Park. It all starts at Ford Wadsworth on Staten Island, with professional women beginning at 9:20 AM, professional men at 9:50, and all other runners in waves after that.

Watch it live!

Television coverage begins at 9 AM on Channel 7. But why watch on TV? You’re in a NYC rental apartment — go out and join the fun! If you are a college student or first time renter, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity to watch one of the greatest spectator events in the world.

The weather — with light winds, cloud cover and a moderate 60 degrees (albeit a little on the warm side for November) — should bode well for the runners, and it’s perfect for being outside and watching the marathon. Renters in No Fee Rental’s Upper East Side apartments are closest to the action on First Avenue along miles 16 and 17. And it’s a quick walk across Central Park to the finish line area for our Upper West Side tenants. Note: the NYC Marathon finishes at 68th Street in Central Park, but for security there is a frozen zone, so plan in advance to meet runners away from the frozen zone.

Speaking of frozen, that’s one way to talk about the traffic on Marathon Sunday. We strongly recommend that you give yourself extra time to get around, and opt for either walking or subway. Surface transit will be slow!

And if you are lucky enough to have received a number to run in the 2015 New York City Marathon, No Fee Rentals would like to wish you the best of luck in your run. This is certainly one day it’s nice to know that your rental apartment isn’t too far from the finish line!