We will be the first ones to say it: The cost of a New York City rental apartment can sometimes throw you for a loop. That’s why No Fee Rentals features a wide array of multi bedroom share rental apartments in a range of price points all across Manhattan. Multi bedroom shares are the most cost effective way to afford a rental apartment. We find this time of year, with the beginning of the school year quickly approaching, multi bedroom shares around NYU are especially attractive, particularly those in Greenwich Village, the East Village, the West Village, and premium locations near Waverly Place and Washington Square Park.

Economic and Other Advantages of Multi Bedroom Shares

  • Sharing the cost of common areas – For some people, a studio apartment suits them just fine. But others enjoy a separate bedroom, living room, and kitchen. With multi bedroom shares everyone in the apartment shares in the cost of the common spaces. When you think about dividing the cost of a rental apartment among three or four people, the price per person comes down sharply.
  • Getting more for your money – Sharing a multi bedroom apartment can sometimes mean the difference between being able to afford an apartment … period. Or being able to afford a larger apartment, a better location, or more amenities (like a doorman, air conditioning, elevator).
  • The “utility” of roommates – Every rental apartment incurs bills for utilities – electric, gas, cable. Share the cost of these expenses and your monthly outlay can go down noticeably.

Are you starting to get our drift here about the economic advantages? Well, here’s a couple more advantages:

  • Furniture, futons, and fluffy pillows – Your design style may say Restoration Hardware, but your budget says Tar-jay. Quantity and quality can increase when three or four people share in the cost to furnish an apartment.
  • Roommate flexibility – Let’s say there’s two seniors and two juniors are in a multi bedroom share and the juniors LOVE the rental apartment. Just because the seniors are graduating doesn’t mean the juniors need to give up the unit. Multi bedroom shares provide flexibility to have new tenants easily move into the apartment. In fact, No Fee Rentals has a number of multi bedroom shares that haven’t come onto the market for a few years because of the continuous cycle of tenants bringing in underclassmen roommates.

No Fee Rentals makes it painless to do a roommate replacement or swap. With more than 25 years of renting apartments throughout New York City, we understand the college and young professional market like no one else. And when it comes to multi bedroom shares (or any size apartment), we go out of our way to provide stress free renting and quality service. More can definitely be merrier!