The advantages of multi bedroom shares are many. Some tenants come all set with three or four roomies to rent their NYC apartment. But what happens when you don’t have a roommate (or roommates) and want to enjoy the economic advantages of an apartment share? How do you find someone to share your New York apartment?

At No Fee Rentals, we see this situation frequently. A roommate moves out of your Chelsea apartment and a bedroom needs to be filled.  Or a young professional is new to New York City and is looking for an East Village two-bedroom apartment to share. Or, you are an NYU student taking a semester abroad and need someone to take your place in your West Village multi bedroom share.

First define the criteria for your roommate

Not only are you looking for someone who is compatible, you’ll want someone who is responsible. So aside from thinking about whether you share the same taste in music or have similar tolerances for dust bunnies, think about whether your roommate will be able to pay the rent. All tenants in an apartment should be listed on the lease. This way you don’t get stuck for the rent if a roommate doesn’t work out (or walks out).  Financial responsibility is the primary reason No Fee Rentals asks for a guarantor for every tenant. We are not just looking out for us, we are looking out for you, too.

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Where to Search

  • Work your network and social network – Tell everyone you know from work, school, and friendships via email, Facebook, and Twitter about your roommate search. This is not the time to be shy.
  • Work your parents’ and siblings’ network – Yeah, yeah, yeah. You want to be independent, but tapping into your family’s network is a really good way to expand the number of people you can reach. You’ll be shocked by how many people have found their New York roommate through a parent’s, brother, or aunt’s Facebook friends.
  • Roommate matching services – A lot of our tenants have had very good success with If you’re an NYU student, these services are also recommended:,,, and
  • Online classifieds like Craigslist – Approach online classified listings, like Craigslist ads, with a dose of trepidation. While sometimes the results and roommate can be terrific, remember free roommate services do not perform background checks, including credit history or criminal behavior. Search “credit history” from your browser. For a more extensive check, including criminal records, go to  And avoid using any roommate matching service that asks you to display your phone number or current address in your profile.

You may not find the love of you life right away in NYC, but making a roommate match…that’s definitely do-able. For more information, go to the Tenants Resources page on the No Fee Rentals website.